meyer lemons for me

After I returned from Christmas break, I made lemon curd with my boyfriend’s mother’s recipe. It was delicious, certainly, but I couldn’t help but wonder, after reading this post, how much better it would have been if I had made it with Meyer lemons. Shortly after the regular lemon curd was devoured, I began to research how to care for a Meyer lemon tree of my very own. Unfortunately, I found that my little apartment with its oddly scattered windows would simply be unable to provide the young tree with the direct sunlight that it so desperately needs and that dream was put back on the shelf.

So many respected foodies tout the superiority of the Meyer lemon but alas, I live in a small city whose markets are so rarely graced with a visit from the Meyer lemon fairy. That is, until today.

I could barely believe my eyes. After months wishing, hoping and closely examining market lemons for a sticker reader ‘Meyer,’ I saw them. In the citrus section of my beloved downtown market sat a small bag of the beautiful things. I promise that the results of my Meyer lemon curd excursion will also be shared but for now, cross your fingers that they are as good as everyone says.

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