knowing the basics…how are you doing?

It seems like everyone has their own personal food goal. Either they want to try a new kind of food or intimidating cuisine or they want to learn how to prepare something ambitious. Last night I made my current list of “food goal,” which I may share with you someday soon, and I was amazed at the range of them not to mention how many I had.

I found it strange that for a person who loves food, so many of my “food goals” related to learning to make the most basic things (roasting a chicken, making pecan pie, or preparing a lasagna entirely from scratch). I think this is because, with all the cookbooks and food blogs, there is this impulse to select the sexiest dishes to prepare or try to be ambitious. There is that urge to be impressive.

This is why I found THIS LINK that I was sent by a friend so refreshing. It lists 6 different, completely classic, food items that a person should learn to master. As much as I would care not to admit this, I have mastered less than half of the six (2 to be exact).

So, I ask you: how many of the six can you prepare with finesse?

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