18/107: butterflied steak sarnie, potato salad, grilled filet mignon with horseradish sauce

So I’m at 18/107…that 17% through Jamie’s Food Revolution. This is certainly an ambitious project and with the certain numbers of recipes from the book under my belt, and many others studied as future dinner possibilities, I have realized something about my chosen cookbook. The reason this book is great is because it is geared toward people who have never cooked before, don’t have a lot of time to cook and/or have no intention of ever truly being a cook. This is why I find the book a little tiresome after cooking from it for nearly a month straight.

1. I have cooked before and while I still have much to learn, I am not starting out totally from scratch.

2. I have a job and school but somehow have hours that I have available to fill with cooking

3. I would like to be a cook. This is why I take issue with some of the shortcuts that Jamie recommends with the intention of benefiting his less-culinary minded readers which to me, an avid student of all things culinary seem a little like regressing.

That being said, many of the recipes in the book are not only classic but well thought out and well-tested and so, for the remainder of my time with Jamie’s Food Revolution, I will concentrate on these recipes.

The ones mentioned in the title were all great…each and every one. I have nothing more to say about them because by this point in the evening, I have a nice buzz leftover from dinner and am less-than-awesome at writing while buzzed. I make a lowsy journalist don’t I now!

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