gastronomic goals no.33: make perfect risotto

Arborio! Pancetta! Truffle oil! Oh my!

Before I cooked, risotto seemed like this far-away, unattainable food dish that I could order in a restaurant but never make.

(Cooking with wine!? What madness!)

But now, after making it several times over and seeking to master the beast, I have realized that it is truly very simple. This being said, there is still a level of impressiveness when you say that you’re making risotto for dinner. This impressiveness is heightened amongst non-food obsessed friends, co-workers and roommates when you add, just as an aside, that your risotto will feature pancetta and truffle oil.

When I have a bad, or slightly sour day at work, I turn to food to make it all better. (At this moment, as I type, I am thinking of the fennel salad I plan to make for dinner tonight.) And so, last week while perusing the Food and Drink magazine website, I found a recipe for risotto just intriguing enough to send me fresh-faced and ready into the coming week (not to mention it would allow me to justify the purchase of a block of pancetta I had been ogling for days).

Originally my goal was to use this recipe to satisfy my goal to master risotto but I’m not sure how well this works because it’s a risotto recipe sans any cooking wine.

Regardless of technicalities, this recipe was delicious. Me, as well as my dining companion, kept having to stop mid-dinner conversation to praise the food in our bowls. It was so good, in fact, that I started eating contentedly before I remembered to take a photo of it.

Better late then never.

(Edit: after some consideration, I am classifying the “make perfect risotto” goal met because this particular risotto was damn good)

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  1. That risotto looks amazing. I love risotto.

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