sweet vermouth over ice in the afternoon in France…

I love long weekends for a number of things but this one may have been the best one I’ve had in a while. The whole three days were a whirlwind of late-night grocery store visits, little black dogs, skin being exposed and subsequently burnt for the first time this year, croquet, barbeque dinners thrown together with abandon, zombie movies, a great book and plenty of time to read it, kitschy diners, toddlers, wood fire pizza with prosecco…you get it.

Oddly, as I unpack my things in my apartment, what I’ve returned from home with that excites me the most (besides the making of a possible tan) is a bottle of sweet vermouth.

I have never been a vermouth drinker myself but after reading this post on Hither and Thither, a great blog I’ve just discovered this week, I became obsessed with trying this lovely fortified wine for myself. The picture painted of enjoying a glass of vermouth over ice in the afternoon in France was just so irresistable.

photo credit: hither and thither

I couldn’t find the brand the young lady who wrote the post mentioned but I am now in possession of a bottle of Martini & Rossi Bianco and after the test-swig I took before puting it in the fridge for later, I am confident that this will be a beverage I will be enjoying a good amount.

But not tonight. Instead I’m going to make some tea and start to make a loaf of brioche to enjoy tomorrow. I’ll tell you how it goes.

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