being british this sunday

Sundays always bring out the anglofile in me. This is why, after a week of working furiously on school, work, and drinking disgusting amounts of mid-level beer in the name of ‘work party,’ I bought a chicken, some potatoes and the makings of bread sauce and prepared Sunday roast dinner for a cute boy. In keeping with the very British-ness of this dinner, I started cooking this dinner in the afternoon; preparing it slowly and with the care, I imagine, would be put into a roast by somebody living in the land of old-world kitch.

(As an aside, I thought I’d mention that for me, there are few things as comforting as having the apartment to myself and cooking with some old season of Gilmore Girls playing on the television in the living room. I can’t truly explain why this feels so good but it really does).

Being a pastry person myself, no meal is truly complete without dessert and so, I used this occasion as a time to attempt a long-anticipated recipe care of Working Class Foodies. (As another aside, I have been looking for an opportunity to plug their show for a while and now it has arrived with bells on…love. As much as the roast dinner was wonderful and satisfying and very British, the star of the meal (and consequently the next day at the office when I brought the leftovers) was this apple cake. I was perfectly moist but with a carmalized layer on its surface. There was much swooning over this cake and the most exciting this is, given the working-class friendly nature of the show that first featured the recipe, the cake cost almost nothing to make if you have a stocked pantry.

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