farmers market spoils: mid-April

With my exams over but everyone else still in the throes of frantic studying, I pulled myself out of bed on this cold, windy Saturday morning, hopped in the shower and walked, alone, to the Guelph Farmer’s Market. I didn’t exactly have a plan for what I was going to leave there with. I simply assumed that the selection would dictate what I happened to buy.

And it did.

I left with my too-small backpack bursting and a plastic (oh god!) bag filled too.

I got a bag of organic kamut cereal (which reminds me remarkably of Sugar Crisp minus the sugar), rainbow carrots, kale (I’ve been on a big kale kick lately), and one Montreal style bagel…the only reason  many of  my friends go to the farmers market at all.

I’m drinking a little coffee here and there of late (though I still prefer my tea) and so after the farmer’s market I went a little up the road for a cup of the best coffee in Guelph to bring home and enjoy with my bagel for breakfast.

And when there’s no longer coffee in that cup, because it’s so damn cold outside, I’m going to spend the morning baking banana bread for a cute boy.

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