noodle soup oracle

Now I realize that this isn’t the most timely discovery what with the season of noodle soup behind us and a season of crisp salads in our futures but hear this:

I discovered a website called Noodle Soup Oracle that will, with the click of a button, give you hordes of countless combinations to enjoy your noodles with. And why I realize with something as versatile and ubiquitous as noodles, it’s really up to your creativity. But sometimes it’s really nice just to be told what works by an oracle…or website.

Some lovely combinations include:

Macaroni in chicken broth with ginger; topped with sweet potato tempura, asparagus tips and chopped fresh chilis.

Rice vermicelli in coconut-curry broth; topped with cubed firm tofu, asparagus tips and a wedge of lime.

Egg noodles in coconut-curry broth with sesame oil; topped with sautéed crimini mushrooms, peas and ground white pepper.

Udon in coconut-curry broth with star anise; topped with sliced kielbasa, bamboo shoots and crushed peanuts.


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