a beer you can’t order without feeling pretentious

Being a person who enjoys wine enough to choose it over water far too often, it follows that I can also sit down and enjoy a good beer. I love going to the Woolwich Arrow in Guelph for their salmon burgers, truck-wagon-style fries but most of all, their beer list. Usually I tend to stick to the Ontario brews for the sake of the local but was urged by a friend to diverge from that on my most recent visit. Knowing me to be a person with discerning tastes (read: snob), he suggested that I might find Blanche de Chambly to my liking.

I absolutely did but felt like an asshole ordering it as its impossible to say “blanche de chambly” without conjuring images of those affected people who pepper their speech with French in the hopes that they’ll sound sophisticated. But no matter, it’s a great wheat beer.

A few days later, I was at the Drake Hotel in Toronto where they have Blanche de Chambly on tap and so, I had some more. Before leaving Toronto, I stopped at the LCBO by the bus station to stock up on a few bottles because we don’t have them in Guelph.

So the moral of this story is that this beer is good, I’ve been drinking a lot of it and this afternoon when I was sipping a pint of Wellingtons, I was pretending it was Blanche de Chambly.

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