farmers market spoils: mid/late April

So another fine week shopping at the Guelph Farmer’s market was followed by a long walk to the Bulk Barn on the other side of town for flour and spices; staples I had put off restocking for far too long.

After the baker’s pilgrimage, I arrived home to take advantage of the opportunity afforded by the weekend to be lazy. Pleasure reading takes priority over writing on these days. Since getting a membership at the public library here in Guelph, I have a constant and rotating stack of food books to get through and so canning, curing and preserves became the focus of my Saturday attention.

I am waiting with bated breath for summer berries and tomatoes to fill the farmers market but until then, I got some good stuff.

The eggs I got last week at the market did not disappoint so I got another dozen extra-large. Good eggs from happy chickens and I have it on good authority that these are the very eggs used at Artisanale, my favourate restaurant in Guelph. Then I got some really fantastic looking parsnips to braise with other root vegetables and short rips for Sunday dinner. Along with those I picked up some Empire apples for this week’s breakfast, some hot Hungarian sausage and the most delicious ginger snap cookie made by the brain behind the Cone Shoppe in Guelph.


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2 responses to “farmers market spoils: mid/late April

  1. mom

    I’m wondering if you could grow produce on the roof??

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