at long last, a standing mixer

Back in February, I told myself that if I got the job I desperately wanted that I would reward myself with either a dog or a Kitchenaid standing mixer. I got that job and when my roommates vetoed the canine option, getting the mixer was the logical decision. Then, over the ensuing months, I talked myself into and then out of the purchase of the mixer I so coveted.

Finally, at the end of April, I bit the bullet and bought the thing after a long, luxurious wine-filled dinner with a boy. A day before it went on sale.

But no matter, now sitting proudly on the counter in my tiny apartment kitchen is a beautiful red Kitchenaid standing mixer and I’m delighted. I can’t wait to use that dough hook.

Next step, ice cream maker attachment!


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4 responses to “at long last, a standing mixer

  1. mom

    Looks beautiful….and the mixer does too.

  2. Congratulations on both the job and the Stand Mixer. It certainly is beautiful!

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