2 cookies down 3 dozen to go

I bake. A lot. And there was never a shortage of people to eat the wonderful baked goods I would pull from my oven several times each week. Between my roommates, my boyfriend with a sweet-tooth and my many cookie loving coworkers, I could be confident that whatever I made would be gone within the day.

Now things are a little different. Two roommates became one. The boyfriend is away for his summer job. And the summer staff at my newspaper is only a fraction of its normal population.

And yet I still have the desire to bake but not the desire to eat dozens of cookies. After a delicious batch I made today from Smitten Kitchen, I had one and then another. But now the other three dozen cookies I have left are serving as reminders that preparing full batches of baked goods this summer will not be sustainable.

So instead I’m going to work on cooking fairly complicated Asian food among other things. One way or another.

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