the kitchen of my grown up self

I like to imagine what the kitchen of my grown up self will contain. And then I like to gather those things so that I have them when the time comes that I don’t live in a student apartment with a revolving door of roommates, each with their own home decorating tastes. These treasures, be they wine goblets, tea trays or a set of vintage egg cups that are proudly displayed on a wooden shelf are not things I own presently but instead they are things that I will own (maybe) someday. My kitchen will be eclectic and functional. I think about my grown up kitchen a lot.

Especially after browsing in stores like Le Chat Noir, a fantastic little antique store on a side street in Guelph. This place prioritizes the kitchen when selecting its curiosities and for that I am grateful. Sadly though, in the name of spending very little money, I left Le Chat Noir yesterday totally empty handed and was forced to scour the internet while dreaming about potential kitchen purchases. I found some lovely things.

a pair of vintage teak lunch trays

vintage egg cups

vintage enamelware lobster pot

vintage pewter pitcher

vintage steak knives

vintage baking set

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