I don’t get writers block (touch wood). Working full-time at a newspaper has taught me to turn my writing on and off at a moment’s notice and while not everything I write is great, I do manage to write completed works with a great deal of regularity. What I do get is food-block. Which is to say that I go through unfortunate fazes where I am simply not feeling particularly inspired to cook. I blame it on the heat, not having as many people to cook for, even a lack of funds sometimes. But the God’s honest truth is that right now, as I write this, I have a terrible case of food-block. It’s so bad that I’m not even as hungry as I normally am.

This will not do.

I love food. I love it more than most other things. The only things that can possibly compete are dogs and some really specific people. And so it pains me to not have the burning desire to turn raw materials into fully composed dishes. But never fear. I have turned to some key sources of food inspiration and am confident that I’ll soon be back on my feet (and in an apron of course).

One of these sources of inspiration is British Columbia. In a few short days I will be returning to Victoria, BC (the city that gave me my passion for food in the first place) and I can’t wait to share some delicious food adventures with you all while I’m there.

The second source of inspiration is former New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser’s book Cooking for Mr. Latte. When I had first heard of the book my expectations were fairly low. The story of a woman dating a man who doesn’t like food as much as her? Really? But after my first read, I was in love with the way Amanda is whip-smart when it comes to the foodstuffs and eats some of the most wonderful sounding things. Some of the meals she describes in the book are enough to have me on my feet and in front of the stove in mere minutes.

And so, with the help of British Columbia and Amanda Hesser, I will be creating culinary delights in no time.

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