gastronomic goal no. 35: learn to like cooked tomato

I have been working long and hard to try to rid myself of my terrible dislike of cooked tomatoes. I think this might be the granddaddy of all of my food aversions. Don’t get me wrong. I love raw tomatoes. Love. But there’s something about the weird watery texture, the added sweetness that rears its head when they’re cooked.

Today was yet another attempt to learn to like cooked tomatoes and while I still prefer my pasta sauce to be cream rather than tomato based, with a lovely lunch I may have made the cooked fruit tolerable. Even likable.

I wanted a lunch that was almost entirely roasted tomatoes with only a little to distract from it (the ultimate test) and that’s what I got. I got the idea from this recipe in this month’s Saveur Magazine.

It was a lot of tomato to handle but I honestly enjoyed it. The bread and garlic helped a whole lot though.

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