I’ve been told by friends that having a food blog is like spitting into the wind; there are just so many of them out in the world that one more will hardly matter. It’s enough to make one a little competitive, a little intimidated, a little discouraged.

And yet, I simply can’t help that overwhelmingly, the thing I am most passionate about and consumed by is food. This despite that fact that I didn’t grow up in a house where anyone cooked regularly or experimented with food in any way. We were a meat and potatoes family through and through. I believe it is this very home food culture that has caused me to be so enthusiastic about cookery as I enter my twenties; everything is new and exciting and unfamiliar. This does mean, however, that I have a lot of catching up to do. So many recipes to learn, things to taste and experience and techniques to master. It’s seems to me like a sort of friendly, gastronomic arms race pushing me to grow in my true love and appreciation for food. Reminding me of how many other people also love and live for food but perhaps have grown up with this appreciation where I had to discover it for myself.

So here I stand, making and tasting with unbridled enthusiasm, saying yes to new flavours and dining experiences, learning as an adult how to truly appreciate all that that world of food has to offer, my taste aversions be damned.

And so, with pleasure, I welcome you to Cold War Cookery. Let the gastronomic arms race begin.


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