gastronomic goals

Making a list of goals certainly puts things in perspective. So I made some. Below is a list of 50 gastronomic goals. Things I want to do, things I have to do to catch up to those who have been cooking longer. Some are surprisingly basic while others are a bit more advanced but all are going to get done.

1. make tiramisu

2. roast a chicken

3. roast a duck

4. make a pizza totally from scratch

5. make authentic gumbo

6. make a french fruit tart

7. make a gin fizz

8. make my own gelato

9. make my own fresh pasta

10. make paella

11. try ahi tuna

12. make madelaines

13. make marshmallows

14. make chocolate fondant

15. make brioche a tete

16. make panne cotta

17. make my own dill pickles

18. find a good recipe for borscht

19. learn how to poach an egg

20. cook with fennel

21. make pecan pie

22. make hollendaise

23. find a great recipe for gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese

24.make french onion soup

25. find a great recipe for basic chocolate cake

26. make chicken noodle soup from scratch

27. make lasagna

28. make a souffle

29. cure my own pancetta

30. try caviar

31. make a pudding from scratch

32. learn to appreciate scotch

33. make perfect risotto

34. make creme brulee

35. learn to like cooked tomato

36. learn to like olives

37. fully appreciate espresso

38. make ice cream

39. make bagels

40. cook with insects

41. make sourdough bread with my own starter

42. make homemade yogurt

43. go out of my comfort zone with indian food

44. learn to like melon

45. be introduced to korean food

46. try rabbit

47. find a great granola recipe

48. make Quiche

49. make truffles

50. make my own jam

Comment or let me know if you have sage advice on any of these subjects or want to help me cross any of these goals off of my list.


4 responses to “gastronomic goals

  1. Mark

    can i help you achieve any of these goals?
    par example – i bring you rabbits or bugs or whatnot and then we prepare and consume?
    it’d be funtimes?

  2. Mark

    okay so i just read the little disclaimer thingy at the end about offering aid so whoops my bad. aid still offered.

    • I would love for you to offer your aid. I’ve been slacking a little on these goals so having someone interested in helping would certainly help get me on my way again. Let me know which you want to help with.

      • Mark

        i’d like to watch zelig (wikipedia it cause it sounds rad) whilst eating homemade bagels.
        also, eat rabbit – once, as a child, my father gave me the opportunity to eat a rabbit that had been trapped whilst we were up north and i turned it down and i’ve regretted it forever.

        also i would eat bugs. mealworms are cheap and easy to make? maybe locust?
        we will discuss.

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