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what to eat on an airplane

Very shortly I will be on an airplane on my way to Victoria to visit a boy. Even though there are delicious things to eat on the other side of this plane voyage, I still think it’s tremendously important to bring actually good food to eat on the plane. There is nothing quite as depressing as being hungry, starving even, and having hours ahead of you to be spent sitting in a tiny little seat and the only food to be had are the free packets if Bits and Bites they offer you every so often.

I thought long and hard about the food I would bring for my plane voyage and have finally settled on:

my very first quart of beautiful Ontario strawberries

a baguette with sweet butter and prosciutto on it

and just for good measure,a bar of dark chocolate with chili for a little heat

So with the food part of the journey taken care of, I’m all set. Stay tuned for delicious Victoria food adventures.



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eating lychees on the curb in the afternoon

I have a confession to make. I had never tasted a lychee until yesterday afternoon. I had always assumed that I eventually would and most likely would very much enjoy the experience but it wasn’t until yesterday that I took the plunge. Yesterday, I found myself desperately in need of some iron in the form of a nice, thick steak and so I accompanied a friend to the grocery store. There I was prompted to try a lychee for the very first time and try I did. It was not what I expected, better, but also quite different. The rough outer layer peeled away easily to reveal a light, juicy inside with a delicate but distinctive flavour. And so it was that I found myself sitting on a filthy curb in the parking lot of a supermarket, sucking every last bit of lychee left around the long dark pit.

I fully intend to repeat the experience.

It reminded me of another aspect of my imaginary adult kitchen which will be a lovely three-tiered hanging fruit basket, the top of which I may have to devote entirely to lychee.

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